Bradley Digital Thermometer Bradley Smoker BTDIGTHERMO

Bradley Digital Thermometer Bradley Smoker BTDIGTHERMO

  • Compact, Battery powered, Programmable
  • Bradley Digital Thermometer
  • Compact, Battery powered, Programmable
  • For use with the Bradley Smoker
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Check the temperture of your foods with the Bradley Digital Thermometer.

By Yoland Morissette September 10, 2017
An excellent buy. Worked like a dream. Plugged the problem into one piece of meat and then I was only opening the smoker to change the water that the briquettes fall into.
By R. Bruce Brander November 3, 2014
Works great
By Jason Sharpe December 13, 2016
Broke after less than 10 uses. Now it says the wrong temperature. Changed batteries a couple of times, but still not working.
By Antoine Cantin January 7, 2016
2 fois brisé après quelques utilisations. Peu durable.
By Eric Beliveau April 20, 2016
Verry good
By carol simard August 11, 2015
Okay item don't think I would have paid full price. Found instructions unclear for temperature mode.
By John Pilling November 5, 2014
Good product! Item arrived on time
By zhen zhou September 7, 2014