Solstice by International Leisure Products Hydro Tools 9226 Soft Top Cool Shark Pool Thermometer and Cord

Solstice by International Leisure Products Hydro Tools 9226 Soft Top Cool Shark Pool Thermometer and Cord

  • Soft top thermometer and cord
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CA$5.75 Product Description

This sun bathing shark will keep a sharp eye on your water temperature while you swim and sun bathe yourself!

From the Manufacturer

Hydro Tools' unique and creative floating thermometer is a fun way to add some life to any pool or spa.

This little thermometer is accurate and charming. Others have said that the shark does not float upright, but if submerged for a short time, water fills the inside portion of the thermometer and the shark will float upright. Only complaint is that the numbers in celsius are a little hard to read on the one I received.
By Kathy September 5, 2018
This guy totally makes me smile every time. Sometimes he floats sideways so you have to make sure the thermometer is full of water so the shark is floating at the top. He’s so cute with his sunglasses and thermometer works well.
By silverwlf July 6, 2018
I received this item and the fluid in the thermometer was upside down rendering it useless.
Also the numbers on each side are very difficult to read. I would never buy this product again. It was for me, a waste of money.
By Amazon Customer July 26, 2018
I like this product and we use it at our cottage but it honestly looked used when we got it. It had a brown stain on the shark nose and the thermometer plastic part was scratched
It was in a completely sealed package though...strange...
By Secco333 December 26, 2017
The kids love it.
It does sink a little too far.
Acurate enough for a cheap thermometer.
By Donny Richardson September 6, 2018
Glue had run down the thermometer face from the shark head obscuring some of the degrees. Very difficult to read the temperature. Not worth the hassle to return it. Should have been caught before it left the manufacturer.
By snicholls July 31, 2018
cute shark but it doesn't float vertically - floats on its side. Not what I wanted but much cheaper than thermometres at pool stores.
By Mary June 18, 2018
Nice product ease to read gauge and looks nice
By Mark Greene August 24, 2018